Mike Dawson takes the winning title at the National Championship for Anglers with Disabilities 2011

Top rod and 2011 Champion on Saturday 25th June 2011 at the National Championship for Anglers with Disabilities held at Peatling Lakes, Leicestershire was Lancashire angler Mike Dawson who put an impressive 18 kilos and 80 grammes on the scales from peg 15 on the Harrow Pool. Mike, who is a previous National Champion, caught carp to 2 kilos plus F1’s mainly down the margins.
Runner up on the day from Plough Pool peg 15 was Mick Sharpless. Mick also caught carp to 2 kilos fishing at 6 metres straight out and down the margin to finish with 13 kilos 840 grammes. England International, Mark Eves, was just an F1 away in third place with 13 kilos 200 grammes from Harrow 5. Although he had one or two better fish on the pole Mark caught the bulk of his weight fishing a small method feeder tight to the island. Just a kilo behind Mark was Nottinghamshire angler, John Holmes, also an International. John weighed 12 kilos 280 grammes and caught on both the pole and the feeder. David Jackson was fifth with 9 kilos 240 grammes and in sixth place was the Champions travelling mate, David Jackson who recorded a level 9 kilos.
In the week’s leading up to the National Championship the venue had been producing some tremendous winning weights in excess of 50 kilos followed by very good backing weights. Unfortunately a lot of rain fell in the 24 hours prior to the event and indeed, for most of the morning of the match. Not surprisingly this influx of cold rain combined with changing air pressure had a significant impact on the fishing forcing weights right down. A strong, gusty wind also added to the problems. That said 9 kilos was needed to make the top six and the average weight for all the anglers taking part was around 6 kilos.
Although the weather conspired to depress weights this event, once again, was a hugely enjoyable day. With promises of significantly more anglers next year it can only go from strength to strength