Milo Festival Final Day

Well this is our last day of the festival and it has been another exciting and successful week, the weather started off a bit touch and go and the fishing was unlike normal but as the week progressed things settled down and we have seen some great results, please read on and find out who won those final important points of the week.

As with all festivals there is no catch info for the final day as the anglers leave before I get chance to find out their catch methods.

A Section Bolingey

1st Gary Hamilton peg 20  172lb 7oz
2nd Chris Horsley peg 23  147lb 12oz
3rd Paul Greenwood peg 31  145lb 12oz
4th Jack Harness peg27  139lb 4oz

Section Winners

Gary Hamilton 9 points 172lb 7oz
Paul Greenwood 9 points 145lb 12oz
Timmy Rowe  9 points 131lb 6oz
Paul Connell  9 points 96lb 14oz

B Section Pollawyn

1st Simon Willsmore peg 27  197lb 1oz
2nd Ian Didcote peg 23  138lb 11oz
3rd Rob Brennan peg 26  130lb 10oz
4th Adam Rooney peg 30  98lb 8oz

Section Winners

Simon Willsmore 9 points 197lb 1oz
Ian Didcote  9 points 138lb 11oz
Geoff Ringer  9 points 69lb 11oz
Stephen Donaghue 9 points 40lb 1oz

C Section Twin Oaks/Trelawney

1st Chris Davis  peg 2(T) 131lb 15oz
2nd Richie Hull peg 24(T) 129lb 15oz
3rd Dave Brettol peg 10(TO) 126lb 13oz
4th Karl Webster peg 14(TO) 122lb 13oz

Section Winners

Chris Davis  9 points 131lb 15oz
Richie Hull  9 points 129lb 15oz
Dave Brettol  9 points 126lb 13oz
Craig Ebbrell  9 points 126lb 13oz

D Section Gwinear

1st Tommy Pickering peg 25  106lb 14oz
2nd Derek Hammond peg 19  76lb 14oz
3rd Tommy Hiller peg 24  72lb 9oz
4th Richard Self peg 16  69lb 6oz

Section Winners

Tommy Pickering 9 points 106lb 14oz
Darren Cox  9 points 68lb 5oz
John Ricketts  9 points 54lb 4oz
Alan Jones  9 points 29lb 2oz

E Section Porth

1st Alan Scotthorne peg 75  26lb 14oz
2nd Steve Bass  peg 74  20lb 10oz
3rd Jason Hunt  peg 86  18lb 4oz
4th William Raison peg 20  15lb 10oz

Section Winners

Alan Scotthorne 9 points 26lb 14oz
Jason Hunt  9 points 18lb 4oz
William Raison 9 points 15lb 10oz
Tony Wilde  9 points 15lb 4oz

Final Top Twenty

1st Darren Cox  36 points 517lb 15oz
2nd Will Raison 35 points 420lb 10oz
3rd Craig Ebberell 35 points 304lb
4th Simon Fry  34 points 397lb 1oz
5th Richie Hull  34 points 381lb 6oz
6th Roger Young 34 points 459lb 8oz
7th Tommy Pickering 34 points 387lb 1oz
8th Chris Davis 33 points 472lb
9th Jamie Hall  33 points 287lb 14oz
10th Rob Brennan 33 points 519lb 8oz
11th Terry Molloy 33 points 493lb 15oz
12th Simon Willsmore 33 points 420lb 5oz
13th Paul Greenwood 33 points 374lb 14oz
14th Alan Scotthorne 33 points 271lb 4oz
15th Mark Johnson 33 points 316lb 13oz
16th Karl Webster 33 points 552lb 9oz
17th Damien Bracken 32 points 355lb 14oz
18th Tommy Hiller 32 points 329lb 7oz
19th Dave Brettol 32 points 307lb 9oz
20th Mark Richardson 31 points 257lb 2oz

What a close result, by now you should see what a massive change it makes when the dropped result comes into place, you can drop or raise ten places with a click of a button.

We feel, and we hope the anglers that took part in the festival feel the same, that the fishing has been great, a little unusual compared to normal with the fishing beginning to show signs of spawning but we have still seen some top weights and close results.

We would like to congratulate Darren Cox on his win and all of those anglers that have fished the festival.

It has been fantastic to have Milo back on board as a sponsor and the prizes they supplied for the winners were spot on, in this day and age it is very likely to see to sponsored anglers in the frame who will not find use for the lagers prizes such as poles etc sometimes previously supplied, but Milo hit the nail on the head by using smaller but more items for the prizes that are widely used by all, it was great having prizes going down to 30th place.

So that is it for the spring festival, time for the fisheries team and the lakes to have a bit or a rest before the big groups of anglers start arriving in May/June.

Thank you for all the kind words of support you have been sending us and thank you for supporting these results, we’ll be back again for the October festivals to keep you updated, Cheers Kirsty


Milo Festival Day Four

So we have reached day for in our final spring festival and again we have seen some cracking match fishing action and top weights. It was a mild clear day, which had made the fishing even better as it appears to be near perfect conditions. And for those anglers that have not been affected or are suffering from the dreaded lurgey it was to be another exciting day.

Lets find out how today’s action as affected our leader board…..

A Section Porth

Well it was an absolutely cracking day at Porth and we have seen our best weights of the year so far. Grant Fear on peg 76 hit the jackpot and found the legendary bream to take the lake win with a staggering 80lb 3oz; Grant caught his amazing catch on the pole with worms. Mick Dagnall was second with 63lb 5oz, Mick had a mixed bag with bream up to 7lb, and he was on peg 71 and caught on the 11-meter pole with worm and corn. Third went to Tim Greenfield with 51lb 6oz, Tim was on peg 75 and had 11 big bream to 4lb plus and some small silvers caught on the pole at 11.5 meters and 6 inches over depth feeding casters and fishing whole and half worms on the hook. Terry Molloy on peg 72 had the next best weight on the lake with 29lb 9oz; Terry fished casters on the pole.

Section Winners

Grant Fear  9 points 80lb 3oz
Mark Harris  9 points 22lb 5oz
Lee Werrett  9 points 15lb 12oz
Simon Abbott  9 points 15lb 4oz

B Section Bolingey 

Bolingey is still on fine form and although we haven seen weights as high as the previous festivals we are still seeing plenty of ton plus weights coming from this great lake. The lake was won today by Harry Billing on peg 47, Harry had a weight of 191lb 15oz caught on the pole short with meat and in the margins on meat. Richard Day was second on the lake with 158lb 7oz; Richard was on peg 45 and caught steadily all day on the pole at 14.5 meters along the edge with meat. Third went to Gary White on peg 27, Gary had a weight of 155lb 5oz caught on the pole at 14 meters with meat. The next best weight on the lake came from Rob Brennan on peg 44, Rob caught long on pellet and short on meat for a weight of 145lb 4oz.

Section Winners

Harry Billing  9 points 191lb 15oz
Richard Day  9 points 158lb 7oz
Rob Brennan  9 points 145lb 4oz
Darren Walters 9 points 112lb 7oz

C Section Pollawyn

We have had some ups and downs on Pollawyn this week with fish being caught from all areas on the lake, some unexpected and some more favoured. The lake fished more or less as expected today seeing some great weights from the noted pegs and an improvement in the weights coming from the arms. Karl Webster took the lake win from peg 24 with a great haul of carp for a weight of 197lb 10oz, Karl caught on pellet to the island at 17 meters on the pole. Roger Young had a weight of 147lb 4oz to take second, Roger caught on the pellet waggler from peg 18. Third on the lake with 141lb 3oz was Tom Wallis, Tom fished the pellet waggler and the straight lead with meat from peg 30. On peg 29 Chris Davis had the next best weight with 112lb 15oz, Chris caught half way across to the island on the bomb and meat.

Section Winners

Karl Webster  9 points 197lb 10oz
Roger Young  9 points 147lb 4oz
Craig Ebberell  9 points 79lb 15oz
Richie Hull  9 points 77lb 5oz

D Section Twin Oaks/Trelawney

The lakes have fished more consistently across the two today and we have seen some good weights, so far not one lake has really been dominating the section and the anglers are keen to draw on either one. The lake win today went to Darren Cox on Twin Oaks peg 16, Darren caught 22 carp on the liquidised meat feeder and 20 carp down the edge on meat for a weight of 140lb 1oz. Next door on peg 14 Simon Fry was second with 136lb, Simon started on the meat feeder then caught a few on the pellet waggler and then for the last hour and a half caught down the edge on meat. Third on the lake was Tommy Pickering on Trelawney peg 12, Tommy had a weight of 129lb 14oz, which consisted of 10 fish caught on the meat feeder across and 17 down the edge on meat. The next top weight came from Damien Bracken on Trelawney peg 28, Damien caught at 6 meters on meat and on the pellet waggler for a weight of 117lb 15oz

Section Winners

Darren Cox  9 points 140lb 1oz
Tommy Pickering 9 points 129lb 14oz
Damien Bracken 9 points 117lb 15oz
Gary Webber  9 points 58lb

E Section Gwinear

Gwinear fished reasonable well today with Kevin Walters taking the win from peg 20 with 102lb 15oz, Kevin fished shallow on the pole with pellet. It was a tight call for second and third place today but Dick Bull on peg 25 had the edge with 73lb 2oz, Dick caught shallow on the waggler with pellet, just narrowly behind was third placed Jamie Hall with 72lb 15oz, Jamie was on peg 31 and caught on the pole down the edge with meat. Tony Wilde had the next best weight on the lake with 65lb 6oz; Tony was on peg 19 and caught at 5 meters on the pole with caster and worms.

Section Winners

Kevin Walters  9 points 102lb 15oz
Jamie Hall  9 points 72lb 15oz
Mark Johnson  9 points 42lb 14oz
Alan Scotthorne 9 points 33lb 4oz

So that was day for lets see how our leader board stands now….

Overall Top Twenty

1st Darren Cox   34 points 449lb 10oz
2nd Will Raison  34 points 405lb
3rd Roger Young  34 points 378lb 4oz
4th Simon Fry   34 points 369lb 11oz
5th Terry Molloy  33 points 377lb 11oz
6th Damien Bracken  32 points 325lb 7oz
7th Jamie Hall   32 points 278lb
8th Craig Ebberell  32 points 249lb 1oz
9th Rob Brennan  31 points 388lb 14oz
10th Chris Davis  31 points 340lb 1oz
11th Mark Johnson  31 points 304lb 9oz
12th Tommy Hiller  31 points 256lb 14oz
13th Richie Hull  31 points 251lb 7oz
14th Mark Richardson  31 points 246lb 10oz
15th Kevin Walters  30 points 425lb 6oz
16th John Waples  30 points 267lb 11oz
17th Alan Scotthorne  30 points 244lb 6oz
18th Paul Greenwood  30 points 229lb 2oz
19th Simon Willsmore  30 points 223lb 4oz
20th Gary Webber  30 points 175lb 3oz

So no one at this stage is on maximum points and Darren Cox has taken the lead, the final day is going to be close and at the moment there is no clear cut winner when the dropped result comes in to play at the end of today there could be a massive shake up.

Who will be the winner of the Milo festival 2007? All will be revealed soon!

Milo have given us excellent support on this festival and on behalf of ourselves and the anglers we wish to thank them, they have supplied prizes for the top thirty placed anglers so the presentation should be a good one.

Thanks for reading the reports and we shall see you shortly with the final positions, Cheers Kirsty


Milo Festival Day Three

Day three saw a vast improvement to the weather and we didn’t have a drop of rain. The action is hotting up as we get to the mid waypoint of the festival, has Terry or John managed another section win, read on for todays fishing antics. Wednesday is also an exciting day for the anglers as all the lake winners get invited back for a free holiday and to fish the gold winners week festival.

A Section Gwinear

As the week goes on the weights are beginning to drop slightly and the fishing is fairly hard but there are still points to be won so the anglers are persevering with the lake. The lake was won today by Terry Molloy on peg 24, Terry also picks up his third straight section win with 107lb 9oz. Second on the lake was Tony Butler on peg 19 with 63lb 13oz, Chris Horsley was third with 58lb 15oz from peg 28. Paul Green wood had the next best weight on the lake with 46lb 1oz; Paul was on peg 25 and caught on pellet shallow and on worms down the edge.

Section Winners

Terry Molloy  9 points 107lb 9oz
Chris Horsely  9 points 58lb 15oz
Joff Rogers  9 points 31lb 6oz
David Lawrence 9 points 17lb 9oz

B Section Porth

It was close on weights today with one exception and that was the lake winner Harry Billing on peg 76, Harry weighed in with an exceptional 56lb 3oz caught on the long pole with caster. Second on the lake went to our Milo festival sponsor Simon Willsmore on peg 35, Simon caught on the pole with worm for a weight of 18lb 13oz. Steve Sanders was third with 18lb 2oz, Steve was on peg 77 and caught on the pole and the feeder both with worms. The next best weight came from Rob Brennan on peg 71, Rob caught on the feeder for a weight of 17lb 2oz.

Section Winners

Harry Billing  9 points 56lb 3oz
Simon Willsmore 9 points 18lb 13oz
Paul Carnwell  9 points 15lb 14oz
Alan Rutherford 9 points 15lb 9oz

C Section Bolingey

Cracking weights again today on Bolingey and also some big fish being caught. The lake was won by Karl Webster on peg 33; Karl fished pellet long and meat short for a weight of 170lb. On peg 27 Gary Stanley weighed in with 164lb 8oz to take second place, Gary caught at 10 meters and down the edge on worms over meat. Third on the lake was Chris Davis with 157lb 8oz, Chris was on peg 47 and caught on meat at 5 meters and in the margins. Craig Ebberell had the next best weight on the lake with 120lb 6oz; Craig was on peg 10 and caught in the margins and on the meat feeder.

Section Winners

Karl Webster  9 points 170lb
Gary Stanley  9 points 164lb 8oz
Chris Davis  9 points 157lb 8oz
Craig Ebberell  9 points 120lb 6oz

D Section Pollawyn

The high bank is getting back on form, in the warm weather last week the bream had started to spawn so the carp had gone into the arms to search out this bounty but now the weather has changed and there is no spawning they have moved back into the favoured areas of the lakes. Darren Cox on peg 29 took the lake win with 166lb 9oz, Darren caught mainly on the bomb with pellet but also had a few on the pellet waggler. On peg 28 Steve Perham took second, Steve fished the bomb and pellet for a weight of 114lb 7oz. The next best weight came form Gavin Clarke on peg 20 with 114lb 1oz

Section Winners

Darren Cox  9 points 166lb 9oz
Simon Fry  9 points 96lb 14oz
Paul Selvidge  9 points 56lb 15oz
Gary Webber  9 points 29lb 14oz

E Section Trelawney/Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks dominated today with all the top weights coming from that lake, Trelawney is still fishing well with top weights of 80lb plus. Mick Hughes took today’s lake win on Twin Oaks peg 14 with 123lb 11oz, Mick fished the meat feeder. Second on the lake went to Mark Richardson with 92lb 14oz, Mark was on Twin Oaks peg 18 and caught at 14 meters and down to his right. On Twin Oaks peg 10 Dave Rudman took second with 92lb 8oz, Dave had 13 fish on the meat feeder and 17 fish down the edge at 3 meters. Kevin Walters on Twin Oaks peg 16 had the next best weight with 90lb 4oz he fished the meat feeder.

Section Winners

Mick Hughes  9 points 123lb 11oz
Jamie Hall  9 points 86lb
Jason Hunt  9 points 58lb 4oz
Will Raison  9 points 54lb 5oz

So that was day three lets look at our top twenty….

Overall Top Twenty

1st Terry Molloy  27 points 348lb 2oz
2nd William Raison  26 points 371lb 12oz
3rd Simon Fry   26 points 232lb 14oz
4th Darren Cox   25 points 309lb 9oz
5th Roger Young  25 points 231lb
6th Mark Richardson  25 points 225lb 11oz
7th Andy Powers  25 points 196lb 3oz
8th Mark Plevin  25 points 121lb 12oz
9th Chris Davis  24 points 227lb 2oz
10th Paul Greenwood  24 points 213lb 5oz
11th Steve Sanders  24 points 188lb 8oz
12th Alan Rutherford  24 points 131lb 13oz
13th Damien Bracken  23 points 207lb 8oz
14th Jamie Hall  23 points 205lb 1oz
15th Tommy Hiller  23 points 187lb 9oz
16th Joff Rogers  23 points 181lb 7oz
17th Craig Ebberell  23 points 169lb 2oz
18th Mark Johnson  22 points 261lb 11oz
19th John Waples  22 points 245lb 12oz
20th Rob Brennan  22 points 243lb 10oz

So Terry had managed his third straight section win to put him at the top once again, now is not the time to rest but the time too step up the game as the anglers that are close to him have also there sights on the top position and have good back up weights and high points.

The forecast for Thursday is bright and warm, so lets hope there will be no dark clouds hanging over anyone’s heads by the end of the match.

Join us tomorrow to find out who is on top of the leader board, Cheers Kirsty