The guys at Corrib Predator Team have been out as well, and as ever producing some fine fish for their clients.

Over the first couple of weeks fishing was tough, but they landed several ferox trout into the low double figures. At the start of March, they had their first group of Czech clients, and what a trip it was for Radek Vyhlidal, who struck into his first ever ferox trout, not realising just how big this fish was.

After a hectic fight, the magnificent fish was finally netted, and after being measured and photographed, quickly released again. The fish was a monstrous 93cm long, probably well over 20lbs, although it was not weighed, with the priority being to release it safely. Full credit to the Predator Team guys for this commitment to looking after their fish.

A couple of days later the guys were back it, and after doing a bit of spinning for trout, landing 7 up to 50cm, they went back trolling for the big guns again.

Client Robert Maslanka had two good  fish, one of 60cm and the other a massive 84cm. Once again the Corrib Predator Team guides are producing the goods.

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