Moorlands Farm is one of the Midlands commercial venues with aerators and the fishery managers try harder than most to keep things going.

However, on Saturday even the anglers brave enough to turn up had to throw in the towel after three and a half hours of the five-hour open match because it was just too cold to carry on.
By that point only four anglers had caught, leaving Mal Watson to take home the money with just 3-12-0 of small roach, caught on pinkie on peg 21, surely one of the lowest winning weights ever at the fishery. Mind you, that was better than Saturday’s open on Geary’s at Packington Somers, which saw Klaus Fix win with under 2lb!
Tough On The Coventry Canal
Match anglers can usually rely on the canals in the city centres to produce some bites. The problem is that even these have frozen over in most areas of the Midlands. The Coventry canal managed to stage an open at the weekend, and it was won by Shakespeare’s Jason Cunningham, who fished pole and joker for 3-12-0 of roach. If you caught a pound of fish, you were in the top six.