Fishery manager and top match ace, Mal Watson, who now fishes for Daiwa Gordon League, thinks that chopped worm on the pole will start to be a major player, especially when we enter the month of March. Bank Pool (26 pegs) holds plenty of carp and chub, and the resident skimmers and big perch have a liking for casters … and worms! Cold weather? Stick to the bomb or waggler and use corn or maggots. Silver Pool (46) is brilliant on a calm day when the wind doesn’t punish the angler, and carp from 1lb to 10lb dominate, as the silver fish don’t get a look in! Meadow Pool (60) is a waggler or lead job, cast 25 metres out, but feed absolutely nothing unless temperatures begin to creep up. Then introduce either Moorlands micro pellets or the 4mm jobbies and use a soft pellet on the hook. Considering the number of fish present you need remarkably little feed at Mosella Moorlands Farm. Day tickets are £6 with concessions £5 and after 1.00pm at this time of the year it’s £4.50 and £4 respectively. There is an on-site tackle shop and Karen serves up the food and drink in the 85-seater café and bar, and at weekends there is always a ‘special’ on the menu to complement that welcome pint.