Moat Pool (180 pegs) will receive a stocking of at least half-a-ton of carp from 1 kilo to 1½ kilos at the end of February, and as these are new fish, they’ll be hungry and take any bait you like to chuck at them! Stockies to 1lb are feeding well on Reed (47) and Hallcroft’s own red pellets fished on the pole are doing the damage. Bigger carp into double-figures (up to 15lb) will respond to bomb, corn and meat tactics. If water temperatures reach 10 degrees Celcius by day and don’t drop below 6 degrees by night, then expect an avalanche of feeding fish, and that applies to all pools at Hallcroft. Bridge Pool (90 pegs) is a banker for skimmers to 2lb-plus, with pole and double caster hookbaits best, and you will encounter some out-of-season tench sport to boot. You could be lucky and drop on a ‘ball’ of holed-up stockies or ghosties instead. Day tickets are fantastic value at just £5, with OAPs/disabled £4.50 and kids only £4, and the spacious cafeteria serves up hot grub and stuff all day long to keep you going … and a hot toddy after bagging!