MIDLANDS based Team Mosella have struck a substantial deal with brothers John and Brian Talbot to sponsor matches at both Moorlands Farm and Hallcroft Fisheries.

The events to be sponsored include the Ultimate League, Winter League and Individual League as well as two exciting new events yet to be finalised which will be announced at a later date.

From the left, Grant Albutt, Vic Bush, John Talbot and Kieran Rich


Team Mosella’s Vic Bush will co-ordinate the sponsorship arrangements with East Midlands distributor, Kieran Rich dealing specifically with the Hallcroft site and West Midlands based Grant Albutt working on the Moorlands Farm site.

Team Mosella will be putting up ‘current, top quality products’ from their ever expanding range as prizes, which will be directed towards the needs of the top matchmen who fish each venue. The arrangements will start from the beginning of October 2003.

“This deal will significantly increase the prize list for all the designated matches which can only be of benefit to all our regular matchmen,” commented Moorlands Farm boss John Talbot, who recently announced that both waters are for sale.