The Angling Trust is once again playing its part in the campaign against illegal close season fishing with a publicity blitz and poster aimed at making sure that all anglers are aware of the rules during the traditional close season from March 15th until June 15th inclusive.

To help combat this growing problem and support its member clubs and fisheries the Angling Trust produced a simple but effective poster that spells out the rules in five different languages. Anglers just need to download the poster from the Trust’s website, print and laminate it, then post them in prominent positions on their rivers, lakes and canals which are shut during the close season.

Dilip Sarkar MBE Angling Trust National Enforcement Manager said:
“Whether everyone agrees with the statutory coarse close season or not is irrelevant: the fact is, fishing on rivers, drains and some stillwaters and canals between 15 March – 15 June annually is illegal. Anglers breaking the law during that period stand out like a sore thumb – so it is an ideal time to collate intelligence and detect offences.

People who break the law by fishing in the close season are often guilty of other offences, and not just those concerning fisheries. This is why we have the police on-board nationally, and of course the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit, to support the Environment Agency.

Displaying these posters means those that break the law will find it harder to argue that they were not made aware of the close season.

I would urge all anglers to report any offences in progress, or secondary information, to the police on 101 and the Environment Agency on 0800 80 70 60.

Indeed, I cannot over emphasise the importance of making those calls.”