The Angling Trust National Boat competition two day open boat species challenge will be fished from Minehead, Somerset, on the 30th and 31st July.
Places will be limited to 32 anglers on a first come first served basis with a closing date of the 31st May 2011.
The competition HQ will again be the Ship Aground Public House on the Quayside, adjacent to the boat boarding point and the West Coast Tackle and bait shop. Further details of these two establishments will be available in the match pack that will be provided to anglers upon entry payment. As the competition is due to be held in the holiday season it is advised that early bookings for accommodation and bait are made by anglers.
At this time of year the expected species will be bull huss, conger, dogfish, pollack, mackerel, pouting, rays, smoothound, tope, wrasse and mini species, with the chance of bream, bass, codling, garfish, rockling, whiting and whatever else the Bristol Channel has to offer.
Fishing will require the anglers to be prepared to adapt from light inshore scratching to heavier offshore methods for the event. The strong tidal flows could demand that leads up to 2lbs may be needed if the skippers decide to head further offshore into the deeper gullies, so be warned!
The competition will be fished on a ‘points per species, catch and release basis’. Each boat winner will be awarded 100% and all other angler scores on that vessel will expressed as a percentage of the winner. Full details will be made available in the anglers match pack.
Following the success of last year’s event the top three prizes and individual day boat winners will be paid in cash.
We hope to enjoy your company and two days good angling—good luck!
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For any further details please contact Ian McLean tel; 01278 452299, or email;, or contact Mike Patten tel; 01278 641553