National Fishing Week grows into National Fishing Month

Following a successful series of events during National Fishing Week 2009, the supporting bodies have decided that the annual event will grow into a month long celebration of angling, entitled National Fishing Month.

The initiative will begin on the 17th July 2010 and conclude on the 15th August 2010 and will involve several showcase events in each region and a wide range of other local events.  As in previous years, the idea is to encourage every family member to have a go at fishing from whatever cultural or social background they may be from.  The initiative’s timing has been deliberately planned to incorporate the end of the school terms and more of the school holidays to enable activities to be linked with both schools and families. By extending the timetable, fishery owners, angling coaches and retailers will have a greater span of time to be able to take part and support events in their areas.

Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust said: “Last year’s National Fishing Week saw thousands of new anglers learn to fish and we want to build on that this year with a longer event, spanning the end of term and the start of the school holidays, to maximise opportunities for people from all walks of life to discover the joys of game, coarse and sea fishing.   National Fishing Month will also aim to promote the benefits of angling to society, the economy and the environment to the general public who tend not to understand our weird, but wonderful sport.  Everyone at the Trust is very excited about the initiative and we will do all that we can, with the Angling Development Board, the Angling Trades Association, the Environment Agency and Sportsmatch, to make this important initiative a success.”

Sean O’Driscoll, Chairman of the Angling Trades Association added: “It is evident through research done by Ipsos-Mori that the National Fishing Week initiative has helped to promote rod licence sales.  The research figures have reported that over three quarters of NFW participants have gone on to buy rod licences. We must now build on the awareness that this yearly event has created and utilise all the different sectors of angling that help us deliver year after year. By extending the programme to National Fishing Month, a huge number of new opportunities will open up, enabling the organisers to target a far wider audience of potential anglers. I hope that anyone that has an interest in seeing angling develop will offer their services in 2010 and make our very first National Fishing Month the true flag bearer for increasing angling participation that I am confident it can be.” 

Richard Wightman, Angling Participation Manager for the Environment Agency said: “I’m delighted to support the AT and ADB running NFM this year. The expanded event will allow us to use the resources we have better than ever before and the ADB’s newly-forged links into the local sports structures – the Local Sports Partnerships – will ensure much needed exposure for angling in key local organisations. They will see firsthand the huge demand for angling and the increasing capacity of the angling organisations to meet it”.

More details on how to organise or participate in events across the country will be posted on the new website