THE organisers of the popular Arva Festival on Ireland’s Lough Gowna are putting on an extra competition following an unexplained decision to move the King of Clubs.

For many years matchmen have booked two weeks in the area in the first couple of weeks of September, fishing the Arva Festival one week and the King of Clubs the next.

However, this year the King of Clubs has been inexplicably moved to the end of September leaving some 80 anglers, who have already booked their holidays high and dry.

The organisers of the Arva Festival have responded by promising to run a new festival the week after the Arva, but they are leaving the actual format up to the anglers.

“We have no idea why the King of Clubs has been moved but have taken steps to make sure the anglers who have already booked have a festival to fish the second week they are here,” Arva Festival organiser Sean Barry told Match Fishing.

“It will probably be a five-day festival and we will guarantee a certain prize fund, but the actual format we will leave until the anglers arrive and we find out what they want the most. “
Sean says the new competition will be probably be called the Breffni Festival and he expects to have at least 70 anglers fishing it. It will be fished the week of the 13th September.

The Arva Festival, now in its 22nd year, is a 120-angler sell-out and will be fished from the 6th to the 9th September on the Rossduff and Dernaferst sections of Lough Gowna and Rockfield and Gulladoo lakes.

“There are not as many anglers here this year and those here are having to work a little harder for their fish, but Rossduff and Dernaferst are both fishing well,” added Sean.

Anyone wishing to take part in the new festival will be accomodated and can find out more by calling 00353 49 4335357.