SKY channel Discovery Home and Leisure is soon to screen a new series on underwater predators. Called simply ‘Predators’, this ten-part series delves into the brutal lives of fresh and saltwater fish like sharks, pike, zander and eels.

It’s a chance to learn how these amazing creatures hone their stealthy hunting and killing techniques with a deadly combination of lethal armoury and a vast array of weapons at their disposal.
Hosted by Kevin Green of Angling Times, Predators gets you into the water with the blue shark, zander, loch pike, river pike, eels and congers, perch,
sharks, catfish, chub and sea bass.
Locations range from Co. Kerry to
Alderney, the Thames Estuary to Lake Windermere and the River Severn.
You’ll see anglers catching the deep water blue shark off
West Ireland and hunting zander from a boat in the Severn
. You even see a shark emerge from the deeps to engulf a whole mackerel bait. It’s heart-stopping stuff!
Kevin says: “I think predatory fishing makes a fantastic show. It’s full of drama, suspense and horror. You’ll find yourself rooting for the victim, willing them to escape from the determined predator, even though the odds are stacked against them.

“I enjoyed learning from the specialists but my favourite moment had to be catching a bigger eel than the UK‘s number one predator angler, Mick Brown!”