Many of us like to pursue a particular species of fish, and to become experts in the techniques required to catch them, as well as targeting the largest specimens available.

The Angling Trust (Angling’s representative body) was formed from an historic merger of six angling and conservation organisations in January 2009. One of these organisations, the Specialist Anglers Alliance (SAA) had grown to protect and represent specialist anglers throughout the UK.
The Angling Trust continues the SAA’s important work and key objectives – follow the link on the Angling Trust’s homepage at to discover more about Specialist Angling and the Angling Trust. The Angling Trust encourage all coarse, sea and game specialist anglers to join them and become part of their campaigns so that the specialist angling community has a powerful voice through its representative body – the Angling Trust.
Please help publicise the new Specialist Angling content on the Angling Trust site by including news about this in your publications and adding a link to on your websites, on forums and Facebook and Twitter.