Today (20 November 2006), the Environment Agency will be re-stocking Shenley Fields Duck Pond with baby fish, thanks to anglers who pay rod licence fees.


Fisheries officers from our Upper Trent Area will release one thousand (1000) rudd, one thousand (1000) crucian carp and five hundred (500) tench into the pond at Weoley Castle, Birmingham.


All the fish have been raised at the Environment Agency’s fish farm at Calverton, near Nottingham, over the last two years.


Shenley Fields Duck Pond has suffered from a number of water quality problems and fish deaths. Early this year, we removed all the fish so that the water and silt could be taken away by Birmingham City Council and replaced.


Now that the pond has re-filled and aquatic life re-established, we have been carrying out a number of habitat improvements such as planting reeds. The pond is now ready to re-introduce the fish, creating an excellent fishing pond. This is the first of a number of fish introductions and in the new year we will be introducing larger fish of different species.


Fisheries Officer, Derrick Dennis, says: “It is very satisfying to see the pond come to life again. We have done a lot of work with Birmingham City Council to resolve the problems that seem to have affected this pond and create a habitat in which fish and other aquatic life can thrive. Introducing the fish is the last step in returning it to normal.


“This re-stocking exercise is an example of how we spend money raised from the sale of rod licences. By buying a rod licence, anglers are contributing both to the welfare of the environment and to the future of their sport. It is really important that anglers buy rod licences so that this kind of work can be funded in future.”