Casting competitions usually come in two types: straightforward distance affairs; and in-line, hoop-to-hoop accuracy events.  Hardly a test of skill for the competitor, and not exactly riveting for spectators either.


Which makes the new UK Casting Championships promises to be the most exciting innovation to hit the show circuit in years.  Developed to test all the abilities that a proficient fly fisherman should have, the championship is based around a deceptively simple obstacle course that puts competitors through their paces.


Each competitor will use a 9’ – #6 weight Fly Rod with a #6 WF Floating line, to which is attached an 8’ leader with a piece of wool attached as the “fly” (hooks are not used).  The course will be set up on grass or water, depending on the venue, and consists of 6 different obstacles (see diagram).  The competitors will need to demonstrate a mastery of basic extension and targeting accuracy, mending and reaching ability to overcome natural obstacles, vertical accuracy, casting a “loop”, and re-targeting at a longer range.  Entrants will score 1 point for each target, and must complete as many targets as possible in a 2-minute time limit.


Qualifying rounds will be held at:


Kelmarsh Country Fair               16th & 17th April  Kelmarsh Hall, Northants

Chatsworth Angling Fair             20th & 21st May               Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

Highclere Country Fair               28th & 29th May               Highclere Castle, Berkshire

Sussex Country Fair                  17th & 18th June  Parham Park, West Sussex

Chatsworth Country Fair             2nd & 3rd September       Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

Midland Game Fair                    16th September              Weston Park, Shropshire


The Grand Final will then be held at the Midland Game Fair, Weston Park on Sunday 17th September 2006.  Prizes will be awarded for 1st-3rd on each day at each qualifying round, and all the prize winners will be invited to take part in the Grand Final, where the winner will take away a Hardy Rod, Reel and Line outfit, and hold the Salmon & Trout Association Trophy for one year.


The UK Casting Championships 2006 is supported by Countryman Fairs, Carrilon UK, Hardy/Greys, Lureflash International and Guide Flyfishing.  For full details of the championship, visit .