Dreamstore UK and the Royal National College for the Blind is delighted to be able to announce the launch of the RNC Angling Club at www.dreamstore.org/rncangling/

Dreamstore’s partnership with RNC arose when Barry Morris, Lead Officer for Enrichment Support, enrolled on the Dreamstore Academy at Pershore College to gain his Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Angling.  Barry firmly believed in the value of angling as a recreational and therapeutic activity for students at the Royal National College.  Dreamstore suggested that it would host a website where the experiences of Barry and the college students would be shared with others who might be interested in angling for the visually impaired. 

 The website is launched with a welcome page, a Frequently Asked Questions section, and a Visually Impaired Stories (VIstories) section where stories about angling experiences can be posted for others to learn about what is possible.   There is a Special RNC Angling Club Gallery in Dreamstore Galleries at www.dreamstore.org/gallery/

 Barry Morris, Lead Officer for Enrichment Support, says:

“Angling is a wonderful enrichment activity, fulfilling every aspect of Every Person Matters, as well as providing a recreational activity that learners can continue as a pastime after leaving the College.  I decided that I would like to specialise in angling for the visually impaired (VI), as it seemed as if no-one was else was taking a lead in this area. Our club has new fishing kit from Browning, a modest budget from Dreamstore UK to pay for our basic costs and the Environment Agency has provided us with a group rod license to cover our activities.

RNC and the British Disabled Angling Association receive lots of enquiries from social services, RNIB and the public about how to start or where to get help. So this website, and especially the Frequently Asked Questions section, will hopefully provide valuable information and inspiration for all VI anglers and their helpers.

 David Hoey, Dreamstore adds:

“Working with the BDAA we were aware that there was an increasing interest among visual impairment groups and individuals in angling. Barry and the Royal National College have provided us with a timely and excellent means of getting information out to those who want to learn more.  At the moment the site is for coarse angling, but we hope in the near future to add FAQ sections for fly angling and sea angling.  This is a great start, and we wish Barry and the College many many tight lines in the future.”