ANGLERS nationwide can now have their say on the major issues affecting the sport with the launch of a brand new website which has the backing of Government.


Anglers Say ( is the brainchild of former National Federation of Anglers membership services secretary Bob Clark, who has been working closely with major players in the sport including White Acres founder Peter Tham to create a platform for anglers to speak out on the issues affecting them.


The big thing about this site, says Clark, is that the results will be used to positively affect the future development of the sport.


“I have many talks with the decision makers in both angling and Government and one thing that is lacking is firm evidence of what those who take part in angling really feel, believe and want from their sport,” explained Clark.


“As a result, when we do hear survey results, many people don’t believe them or simply point to the small sample number as a reason to dismiss their findings.


“There are hundreds of thousands of anglers now online regularly and the idea behind Anglers Say is to tap into these people to help build up an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of angling opinions and use these opinions in a way that will help crystalise the thinking of those in positions to affect the future of the sport. I’m hopeful anglers will be keen to take part so that our surveys carry the weight of strength in numbers.”


Anglers Say will deal with one major issue at a time, and is incentivising anglers to take part by putting up tackle prizes.


The site went live today (Tuesday November 18th), and the first issue up for discussion is whether or not there should be more research into the future of the close season.


The site keeps browsers updated about which way the vote is going and anglers can read the opinions of key players involved in the sport and can also suggest topics for future votes. There are five Shimano Super X GTM 4000 reels to be won at the moment and a new prize will be put up each time the topic is changed.


“No vote will go to waste,” added Clark. “We intend to collate the answers and information we receive into reports, which will for instance be sent to Government as they draw up the next Charter for Angling. And I can promise you that those involved in that Charter will listen.


“It only takes a couple of minutes to visit the site and vote and I really feel it’s important all anglers make the effort to take part if they can. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”


Martin Salter, who is the Government’s spokesman on angling and works closely alongside Sports Minister Richard Caborn, confirmed he was 100 per cent behind the new site.

“It’s really important that anglers engage in helping us develop a firm picture of what they want and expect from the sport and as a result I’m right behind the launch of this new site, which all anglers should welcome,” he said. “I’m currently involved in drawing up Labour’s next Charter for Angling and I am very keen to look at the results of the Anglers Say polls during this process. The key will be for the votes to be significant, and if they are I can promise we will listen. I would strongly urge all anglers to take part.”


The site launch is also receiving the backing of some major names in the sport including those involved in the rapidly-growing online angling community.


Angling Times columnist Keith Arthur, who also presents Tight Lines on Sky TV and Fisherman’s Blues on BBC Radio Five, said: “I will be very interested in the result of this Anglers Say poll and in future polls and I will definitely be casting my vote.

“I encourage all anglers to do the same, because only then will the sport be justified in making representations to Government, based on demand, rather than economics.”


Gareth Purnell, who is director of, is also right behind the launch.

“The big thing about the online angling community is that they are prepared to and want to speak their mind and this opens up some great opportunities to really find out what makes today’s angler tick and what their expectations and ambitions are for the sport they love.

“Until now there has not been a vehicle for channeling all their opinions into one place. Because the people at Anglers Say are 100 per cent behind the development of angling in the UK, we can be confident this new site will allow those opinions to be used in the right way by the right people.”