National Federation of Anglers in partnership with Summersdale Productions are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new DVD entitled “Coarse Fishing Made Easy”. The DVD will be launched from the 2nd October 2006, and costs £9.99 excluding postage and packaging.


Presented by Danny Williamson, NFA Senior Coach for the South West, the DVD’s aim is to show you how to get started in angling and then provide relevant information to help you progress further. When asked about his involvement in the DVD Danny stated, “I was delighted to be involved in the DVD as It’s a real insight into the basics of coarse angling and is going to be a great tool for people new to the sport. Whether you are a non angler or a novice once you buy the DVD it will help you get the right tackle, use the tackle in the correct way, and be able to go fishing in a fun and safe environment.”


This is the first instructional DVD that is a fundamental guide to starting coarse fishing. After watching this DVD you will be able to select the correct tackle and start fishing safely and successfully every time you go to your nearest river, lake or canal. There are no expensive complicated rigs or setups, just simple easy to follow step by step instructions in the basics of angling. As it’s fully interactive you can either watch each chapter individually or just one section at a time until your happy you’ve picked up all the great tips.


NFA Coach Mark Eacock who has an active coaching programme and is a full time coach instructor stated,


“The NFA’s DVD is a great tool for coaches. The layout is professional and the interactive nature of the DVD is very good. The content is very clear and concise making it easy to follow and allows the viewer to navigate themselves around to sections that they need.


I have a group of novice anglers who will find the DVD really useful, being able to pick and choose what area they want to look at and learn at their own speed will really help them progress quickly. They can visit any chapter they need to without having to watch the whole thing again and again. This will allow them to easily put into practice what they have seen on the screen making it a fantastic learning resource for us coaches.


Any coaches can go into a classroom and use the DVD as their bible when it comes to teaching people about coarse angling.”


To purchase the DVD please call the NFA Office on 0115 981 3535, all orders will be sent recorded delivery.



Chapter Breakdown


Chapter One – Setting up the tackle

We start right at the beginning and look at setting up our fishing station, putting our line on a reel, setting up a rod and mixing ground bait.


Chapter Two – Baits and Knots

We then look at baits & knots, taking a look at some of the most common baits, and showing you how to tie a couple of essential knots.


Chapter Three – Telescopic Poles

Next we cover telescopic pole or whip fishing, taking a look at a couple of whips, the rigs, plumbing the depth and casting.


Chapter Four – Float Fishing

The next section covers float fishing or Waggler fishing as it’s known, where we will look at attaching floats, shotting, plumbing up, casting and striking.


Chapter Five – Legering

We also look at leger fishing and show you rods and line, feeders and leads, setting up, bite indication and striking.


Chapter Six – Going Fishing

In this section we put everything together and go fishing, where we will cover feeding, casting, striking, playing and landing, fish handling and returning.


Chapter Seven – So what’s next?

There is advice on how to take your interest in angling further through NFA clubs and coaching.


The National Federation of Anglers

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We also play a key role in the conservation of our rivers and lakes as we are often the first to notice water pollution and fish disease. It is through our efforts that we help to safeguard the environment in which our sport takes place, and protect the very existence of our sport.


Angling caters for every cross-section of the community irrespective of age, gender, race, physical ability, mental ability or social standing. Through our pro-active coaching and development programmes we are helping to educate youngsters about the skills required in everyday life, as well as the current issues that affect our sport and how they can participate and contribute to the development of angling.


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