At a recent meeting of the NFA’s Regional Officers for the Disabled a change in structure of the National Competition for anglers with disabilities was agreed.


The new National Championship will incorporate a new format, rules and qualification system in order to enhance the competition and feed directly into the selection process for the England International Team.


The NFA are committed to improving national competitions for all anglers and are aware of the importance of the sport to anglers with disabilities. 


The new championship will provide a competition that should attract the best anglers in the country so that the England team management will be able to select a team based on angling ability that will be supported by a coaching and development structure.  Additionally the competition will adopt CIPS classification system so that we can be assured that all anglers fishing in the championships will be eligible to represent their country.


Paul Baggaley the Chief Executive of the NFA stated that, “We know that we have not got this right in the past and we need to correct things for the future.  For that reason we will not be entering a team in the World Championships for 2006, but will invest our money in establishing a competition that will enhance the development of angling for the disabled.”