THE Norwegian government has provided four million kroners (about £380,000 sterling) to fund seafood projects that help children learn to cook and appreciate fish.

The country’s fisheries minister, Elisabeth Aspaker (pictured), said: ‘I hope this money will mean that seafood will be on the table more often and on the agenda of young people.’ 

Despite being one of the world’s great fish producers – both farmed and wild caught – children in Norway, just as in many other countries, are sometimes reluctant to cook and eat it.

Minister Aspaker said: ‘We simply do not eat enough fish.’

Young people will be taught that fish is quick and easy to prepare and that it comes in many delicious varieties.

The other message is that it is good for the body and the mind.

The thinking behind the campaign is that people often prefer the food they were given as children, suggesting it is important they become fond of seafood as early as possible.

The five tips for getting Norwegian kids to eat fish are:
Cook with your kids and eat food together;
Make food more exciting;
Use the fish’s name – salmon, cod, flounder, catfish – making it easier for children to decide what they like;
Do not try to trick children by pretending they are getting something else;
Be concerned with quality.
Giving young people a good diet is one of the most important investments we can make for the future, said Aspaker.