Above: The ace Total Fishing team. Class will always out.

IN a result regarded by the doyens of the media as so predictable they decided to report the

Wimbledon exit of Lleyton Hewitt instead, the cream rose to the top in the Midlands heat of the

intersite challenge, and Total Fishing showed various wannabe websites what match fishing

as a team is really all about.

Led by the indefatigable Pete ‘El Capitano’ Palmer, the crack outfit comprising Pete himself, WCA,

Mark Mason, One Out of the Frame, Kev Kania, Paul Holt, Paul Kania, Mighty Maggot, Jez O’Neill

and Keith Taylor, out-thought, out-classed and out-fished various rag bag outfits from Talk

Angling, Maggot Drowning, Fishing Magic and Angling Forums to steer themselves to a clear

two-point victory.

It all took place at BW’s Stockton Reservoir, a noted carp water which fished quite hard on the

day, despite five weights over 20lb.

Individual honours went to maggotdrowning’s Steve Wilson with a fine 31-10-5 bag, but it was

Total Fishing’s all round ability that shone through, with the team recording no blanks and

boasting the second and third individuals with Keith ‘Crusty’ Taylor weighing in 29-13-0 from

near to Steve Wilson, and Paul Kania weighing in 23-10-0.

Also weighing in double figures for the best online team in angling were Mark Mason, One Out

of the Frame and Jez O’Neill, but the key to the success was a team plan which saw none of the

ten man outfit fail to trouble the scalesman.

Maggotdrowning finished second on the day, two points behind TF, with Talk Angling third,

Angling Forums fourth and Fishing Magic in fifth.

“It was a brilliant effort from our lads, both to put in the effort in practice and make it work on the

day,” said TF’s Geepster. “We have closed up the gap on Angling Forums and Maggotdrowning

in the series and they have to be worried that our obvious class is shining through.

“It’s a bit like when Scotland scored against Brazil all those years ago in the world cup. The whole

Scottish nation all thought ‘Bugger it, we’ve gone to early’ and that’s what the other teams are

thinking now…”

Result: 1 Total Fishing, 35pts; 2 Maggotdrowning, 33; 3 Talk Angling, 31; 4 Angling Forums, 29;

5 Fishingmagic, 10.

League to date: 1 Maggotdrowing, 63pts; 2 Angling Forums, 59; 3 Total Fishing 54;

4 Talk Angling 52; 5 Fishing Magic, 28.


Some of our heroes. Left Paul Kania, middle The Mighty Maggot and right Crusty.
Left One Out of the Frame and right Kev Kania, both looking cool in their Total Fishing gear.

Name / Section / Peg / lbs ozs / pts


Malc Doyle (Captain) B/11 9-0 pts 3

Steve Wilson G/45 31-10 pts 5 Winner

Keith Ashby A/6 14-5 pts5

Vince Nugent E/35 9-11 pts4

K. Arathoon F/40 4-0 pts3

Dirk Williams D/21 Blanker

Scott Essery J/61 5-14 pts3

A Luetchford H/51 6-0 pts2

Nick Jones I/56 6-13 pts3

Martin C/16 10-6 pts5

Total: 33

Angling Forums

Zinky Chris Royle C/12 4-1 pts4

Jollyboy (Captain) B/7 13-3 pts4

King Numpty I/52 9-9 pts5

Pea Belly Edwards H/46 10-11 pts3

Reg G/41 Blanker

Katmeat Kent J/57 16-0 pts5

Kalvin E/22 4-8 pts3

Lofty D/17 17-4 pts5

Total: 29


Dave Cooper A/3 1-14 pts3

Fred Bonney B/8 0-12 pts1

Derek Garner H/47 2-5 pts1

John Fletcher G/42 6-5 pts3

Stormin Norman F/37 3-5 pts2

Total: 10

Talk Angling

Eric Robathan (Ejayer) C/15 2-4 pts3

N. McMurran (Polepot) D/20 0-6 pts3

Fred Davis H/50 15-12 pts5

Lester Jones (Lester) J/60 5-0 pts2

Nick Hancock (NJH) F/39 20-10 pts5 5th place

Mark O’Neil (MPO 3(Capt) E/25 22-7 pts5 4th place

Gary Plant B/10 5-0 pts2

Barry Gannon I/55 7-12 pts4

Pete Thompson G/44 2-8 pts2

Total: 31

Total Fishing

Pete Palmer (Captain) D/19 9 0 pts4

WCA C/14 1-2 pts2

Mark Mason J/59 12-0 pts4

OOOTF H/49 12-10 pts4

Kev Kania A/4 7-13 pts4

Paul Holt I/54 6-4 pts2

Paul Kania B/9 23-10 pts5 3rd place

Mighty maggot E/24 1-3 pts2

Jez O’Neil F/38 18-10 pts4

Keith Taylor (Crusty) G/43 29-13 pts4 2nd place

Total: 35