ANGLERS looking to buy a new pole should take a note of a new deal introduced by tackle firm Trabucco.

The Italian manufacturer is offering a £300 plus trade-in on your old pole, and it doesn’t matter a jot what condition it’s in. And what’s more, your old pole won’t go to waste, but will be given to angling charities that help introduced youngsters into the sport.

The offer applies to Trabucco new Supercup TFS pole. You’ll get £300 off the pole if you buy it at 13 metres, and £350 off if you buy the TFS at 14.5 metres. That will bring the prices down to £599 and £749 respectively.

“We think this is the first time a trade-in like this has ever been offered in the UK and we’re very excited about it,” said Trabucco’s Bob Paul.

“We haven’t yet decided who will be offered the old poles, but we are happy to consider applications from any organisation which gets more youngsters into fishing.”

The poles are going into the shops now. To find out where your nearest Trabucco World Class Pole Centre is or to put in for the old poles, call 01904 479797.

Midland Angler