The Deep Sea Directory claims its ‘Space Finder’ service is proving a boon for anglers looking for slots on charter boats

“Over the years we’ve noticed a positive increase in anglers using the Internet when looking for and booking charters”, stated Deep Sea Directory Manager, Chris Caines. 

“As a result, we have always striven on to give users the right information when it comes to researching boats, including photos of the vessel and the Skipper!  Now some of our skippers are even using their deepsea pages to show video clips of angling action.

“From day one our aim has been to make our service user friendly, so boats are indexed by name.  But for those who want to search in others ways, no worries.  We alternatively list by Port and also by the Skipper’s name.  It comes in very handy on those occasions when you just can’t remember what the boat was called.  Our biggest successes have got to be the Schedule Pages for each boat, and the associated Space Finder search engine.  Anglers planning trips find it invaluable because it offers an immediate solution where they can see what is available on given dates.  No more having to ring around umpteen skippers to secure a place”.   

This Dorset based, on-line commercial directory for UK charter boats and supporting businesses has been established quite awhile.  In fact in Internet terms it’s positively ancient, having been online since 1998.   It was initially started when Weymouth skippers Chris Caines and Pat Carlin thought that it would be pretty cool to have a web site. 

After talking it through with a couple of other skippers, they decided that having a co-operative website would be even better.  This proved to be so popular that other nearby skippers soon signed up, as the word began to spread.  Now popularity of the Directory is snowballing, with skippers from all over the country jumping on board.  With more skippers joining and posting schedules, the resource to anglers researching and booking boats is getting bigger and better all the time.

Unfortunately Britain’s are working harder and longer hours compared to the other EU nations.  With work demanding so much, anglers have limited time when it comes to booking boats.  With so many websites bogged down in the complexities of computers, is refreshingly easy to use, with a clear un-cluttered design combined with fast responses. 

“If we can make it a less stressful task for anglers to quickly find a boat and contact the skipper, so much the better.  There are occasions however when a boat may be at sea for a few days, unable to check email, so if the message is time-critical, telephone is recommended.  The information is all there to hand on the screen!”