Web-based angling TV channel OnlineFishing.tv is launching a new ‘Freeplayer’ with over 90 minutes of free-to-watch programmes online.

The Freeplayer, which went live this week at www.onlinefishing.tv/freeplayer and will change every two weeks, includes a cocktail of extended clips from its 300+ shows, some complete programmes, tips, interviews and tackle-based videos made specifically for the schedule.

The Freeplayer includes a brand new ‘TackleZone’ section aimed at helping anglers choose the right tackle.

OnlineFishing.tv has been filming with leading angling journalists to produce sponsorship-free ‘buyer’s guides’ for common tackle items, and technique guides based around tackle requirements for specific methods, as well as ‘What’s New?’ items.

The TackleZone content, which kicks off with a look at what you need for fishing the pellet waggler effectively, but will also cover carp, sea and game fishing in time, will also archive on the channel as free-to-view videos, plus it will be available on video website YouTube.

There’s also a ‘Fishing News’ section created in partnership with angling weekly Angler’s Mail, to keep viewers in touch with the latest catch news and fishery form.

“The Freeplayer schedule is modern, upbeat and like nothing else you have seen before…. and it’s free to view worldwide,” said head of channel Gareth Purnell, who also revealed that OnlineFishing.tv is looking at producing an i-phone ‘app’.

“We are filming with top angling journalists because they see see the full gambit of tackle releases from the manufacturers, and they are unbiased. Think of it as a kind of video ‘Which?’ for buying fishing tackle.”

Traffic on OnlineFishing.tv is growing at 25% per month and the Freeplayer is completely free to view, with no catches.

Anglers who choose to join the channel as ‘Season Ticket’ holders (costing £29.70 for six months) gain full access to its library of over 300 made-for-tv shows, with 12 new programmes added every month. Plus they can currently claim a free gift worth more than the cost of joining.
For more information email gareth.purnell@onlinefishing.tv

OnlineFishing.tv – ‘At Last A TV Channel Just For Anglers’