Week ending 24 April 2016


  • Outstanding sport across the board and some great match reports from all of our fisheries 


  • Happy 50th Birthday to Grafham Water
    As part of the forthcoming Grafham Water 50th anniversary we are organising a boat pairs match to celebrate 50 years of fly fishing at Grafham Water. There’s a fantastic prize pot with £1000* going to the winner plus many more prizes.
    *Subject to the number of entriesThe event will take place on Sunday 3rd July 2016 at Grafham Water





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Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021


Rutland Water

Fish week 1,223(Season 5,770) Returns 271(1,089) Rod average 4.51 (5.29)

Rutland’s buzzing!  Rutland Water has again been in fantastic form with many limits and fish recorded from various areas of the reservoir.  The best methods have been floating or midge tip lines with teams of buzzer, black and olive.


Fly hatches have been tremendous throughout the week, though weather conditions have been far from ideal with cold easterly, then north easterly and finally north west winds bringing in frosts on some mornings.


Anglers from across Britain and Europe have shared sport with the locals.  Adam Thomas, Simon Burton and Scott Barnard from Essex had a great four days’ sport with 66 fish being caught, along with 30 more released. A good majority of fish caught were Rainbows between 2½lb and 4lb with 6 Browns also taken.


Visitor John Latimer enjoyed three days of excellent fishing and returned a Brown estimated at around 7lb, whilst boat fishing off the Old Hall.


French anglers are frequent visitors to Rutland.  Patrick Fonchaot and Jean-Louis Resioveiy enjoyed some excellent sport with around 40 quality fish, including 9 Rainbows over 3lb, six over 4lb and 6 Browns, three of which were over 3lb.


The best boat areas have been Old Hall Bay and Yellowstones, for mainly stock fish.  Elsewhere individual boats found grown on and overwintered fish further down the South Arm, Barnsdale and Dickensons Bay and Cardiac Hill.  Bank fishing eased off in the Main Basin, Normanton and Sykes Lane.  But Whitwell Creek and certain parts of the Peninsula saw anglers coming across numbers of fish including many overwintered ones with Rainbows and Browns to 4lb plus.


It’s that time of year again….Rutland Water Tuesday Night Boat League starts on 10 May. Come and enjoy some relaxed competitive fishing.  All anglers are welcome from novice to accomplished, day or season ticket holder.  Registration is from 5pm for a 6pm start.  The biggest fish prize on the night will be a free mid week boat.  Prize to overall league winner. Free drink at the end of the evening.  For more information please contact the fishing lodge.


Competition news

Last Thursday was probably the very best day of the week, with great numbers of fish caught.  This happened to be the same day that the English Police Fly Fishing Association held their match.

44 Anglers amassed 362 fish with a rod average of 8.22 based on a 4 fish limit and an eight fish catch and release competition.  Organiser Malcolm Naylor thanked the fishery staff for a great day’s fishing.

Association of Major Clubs
, Groups 1,2 and 3, fished on Saturday with a very cold start to the day.  However, many stock fish were recorded.

Group winners

Group 1                                   Rutland Water Fly Fishers

Group 2                                   Invicta A

Group 3                                   Soldier Palmers.


The three matches accounted for 323 fish.  The biggest fish was a 4lb 11oz Brown taken by Ian Whiteside of the Greylags.

The reservoir is fishing extremely well, despite the cold weather.  Buzzer hatches, along with fish feeding on daphnia, and in some cases shrimp.  2,000 more Rainbows were stocked last week off the Peninsula bringing the total stocked to date this season to 25,000.


Best Rainbow                           3lb 11oz taken by Dave Farrar of North Yorks.

Best Brown                              4lb 11oz taken by Ian Whiteside.


Best boat areas                        Yellowstones, Old Hall, Gibbets Gorse, Barnsdale, Dickensons Bay.


Best bank areas                       Sykes Lane, Old Hall, Green Bank, Normanton, Yellowstones.


Best methods                           Floating/midge tip lines with buzzers/nymphs fished deep.  Also various sinking lines with mini lures, gold and silver tubes.

Mid week boat winner               Philip Welbourn of Deeping St James.


Fish stocked                                       2,000.


Forthcoming events
Beginners courses 28 April; 8, 14, & 28 May; 4,9,17 & 19 June and other dates throughout the season.

Tuesday Night boat league commences 10 May
Dave Hodgson Memorial
15 May

Anglian Water Rudder Match 21 May
Anglian Water Floating Line match 11 June

England Eliminator ‘Odds & Sods’ 26 June



Grafham Water
Fish week 2,003(Season 7,100) Returns 280(1,053) Rod average 7.15 (6.74)

The North shore continues to make a great contribution to some excellent fishing at Grafham Water with both boat and bank anglers enjoying considerable success in this area.  The rod average for the week is 7.15.  Bank anglers have had the most consistent results along North shore areas such as Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Deep Water Point, G Buoy, Marlow Stones and the north end of the Dam.  The best method for bank anglers has been to fish floating lines with black or olive buzzers, gold ribbed hares ears, damsel nymphs and large black and green lures.


Boat anglers have also had a great week’s sport in the north shore area.  The most productive boat areas  have been Sanctuary Bay, Stumps, Hill Farm, Pig Bay, Deep Water Point, G Buoy, Willows, north Dam and the Seat on the south shore.  There have been two main methods for boat anglers.  Floating lines with buzzers, crunchers and diawl bachs or fast sink lines with tequila blobs, Pitsford Pea, black and green boobies, damsel nymphs and snakes.

Don’t miss Grafham Water’s 50th Birthday celebrations

As part of the forthcoming Grafham Water 50th anniversary we are organising a boat pairs match to celebrate 50 years of fly fishing at Grafham Water. There’s a fantastic prize pot with £1000* going to the winner plus many more prizes. *Subject to the number of entries.

This event will take place on Sunday 3rd July to coincide with the official 50th anniversary week of activities at Grafham Water. This friendly fly fishing competition is to be fished to relaxed international rules (no anchoring or back drifting, any size fly is acceptable) with an 8 fish limit plus time bonus (2lb per hour).

Competition news
Bob Church Open 17 April

24 anglers fished this match catching 257 trout for an excellent rod average of 10.7.  Tim Joyce was top rod on the day by catching 12 trout for a combined time bonus and weight of 36lb 11oz, with Tim also catching the biggest fish of the competition a cracking over wintered Rainbow of 4lb 15oz.  Tim’s method on the day was to fish black buzzers on a floating line at Hill Farm.

1st Tim Joyce                            12 fish for 36lb 11oz

2nd Mark Rooney                      12 fish for 34lb 14oz

3rd Bayliss                               12 fish for 34lb 0oz        


GWFFA 1st Bank Match 17 April

Eight anglers took part in GWFFA’s first bank match of the season, catching 55 trout for an excellent rod average of 6.87.  Martin Brocklebank was top rod on the day catching 7 trout for 17lb 3oz. David Spall took the best fish a 3lb 4oz Brown.

1st  Martin Brocklebank             7 fish for 17lb 3oz

2nd  David Spall                        8 fish for 16lb 13oz

3rd  Mark Brinkman                   8 fish for 16lb 2oz

Best Rainbow                           5lb 3½oz taken by Alex Hunt of Milton        Keynes.

Best Brown                              3lb 8oz taken by Brian Burn of Buckden.


Best boat areas                        Deep Water Point, Stumps, Willows, North Dam, Pig Bay, G Buoy, Willows, Seat.


Best bank areas                       Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Willows, Dam, G Buoy, Marlow Stones.


Best methods                           See report.

Mid week boat winner               Don Bowyer of Bedford.


Forthcoming events
Beginners courses
1,26 & 29 May; 5,11,18 & 30 June and other dates throughout the season.

England  Eliminator 29 April

Invicta Floating Line 7 May

Angling Trust: Team England Qualifier 22 May

Bob Church Classic 12 June
EFFA ProAm 16 June

AWAI Midland Heat 18 June



Pitsford Water

Fish week 446 (Season 2,411) Returns 112(537) Rod average 3.4 (4.4)

It’s been a variable week at Pitsford Water with seemingly no end to the changeable weather.  It hasn’t stopped our keen anglers braving the elements with some good results.


On Saturday three year old Haiden Stuart made his first ever fishing trip with his father James and played and landed two lovely Browns and a Rainbow.


Last Tuesday we experienced bright, sunny conditions with the fish moving all along Duffers and around G Buoy. Boat angler Brian Coleman

took three good 2lb plus trout to the boat including a nice brownie.  Terry Mitchell and Mick Foster took to the rudder and reported catching well in the morning, but the afternoon got quiet as the wind got up.  On Wednesday Bob Aves and John Castledine had great sport on an afternoon boat, fishing in the Small Half.


On Friday our bank anglers were catching well from Duffers to the Gorse Bank on black buzzers about a foot down or used lures on sinking lines.  Stuart Pittendrigh had 9, Doug Whibley had 6, Terry Pancoust had three and David Anderson took 15. On Sunday Trevor Hall had a cracking morning despite the cold, northerly wind and had 9 to the boat and Gavin Layton bagged up.


Competition news

England Fly Fishers kicked off their season with the Spring match for a rod average of 6.7.

26 Members and guests fished this annual match.  Most of the boats drifted on a gentle northerly breeze through the small half.  The fishing is usually good, but this year it was exceptional.  The preferred method was midge tip and buzzers fished very slowly just off the bottom.  All boats left the water for an excellent lunch and then resumed battle at 2pm.  The fish now seemed higher in the water and floating lines were successful.  158 fish were caught on the day including some exceptional quality, hard fighting specimens.

Several fish weighed 3lb plus with the best weighing 3lb 8oz falling to John Gamon.  The rod average for the day was 6.87.  Club Chairman, Peter Hartley won the match with 8 fish for 17lb 8oz, John Gamon took second place with 8 fish for 17lb 4oz and third place went to Stephen Otteridge with 8 fish for 16lb 14oz.  We were delighted to see Bob Church amongst the group – Bob had an excellent day.  It was also good to welcome Viv Church who is still enjoying his fishing at 93 years of age.


A tribute to Jim Collins

We have learnt of the sad passing of Jim Collins.  Jim was often seen on the shores of Pitsford, Grafham and Rutland in the early days of trout fishing.  Don Moore, vice chairman of the MNTFA, writes “Jim was liked by all, he would give advice and often flies to whoever asked him.  He had a great knowledge of flies and different tactics of fishing.”  Jim was an active member of Mid Northants Trout Fishing Association and was club chairman in 1982.  He had a trophy and match named in his honour and was a club member for over 45 years.  Jim was also an active member of England Fly Fishers.


Best Rainbow                            Up to 6lb.


Best boat areas                         See report.

Best bank areas                        Bog Bay, Stilton, Pigstream,
Gorse, Duffers.

Best methods                           See report.


Mid week boat winner               Chris Butcher of Brixworth.


Forthcoming events

Beginners courses 12,15 & 21 May;3 & 12 June and other dates throughout the season.

Anglian Water Rudder Match 7 May.

Anglian Water Airflo International Midland heat 4 June






Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Fish week 897 (Season 5,493) Returns 106 (503) Rod average 8.5(10.9)
A busy week at Ravensthorpe with fantastic sport on the buzzer from both boat and bank.  This week’s rod average is 8.5.


Fish are being taken in the lower levels of the water on floating lines, lone leader or sink tip lines and intermediates.  Nymph patterns proving best.


The best fish of the week was a 12lb Rainbow taken on a buzzer by Mr Kyte.


Some boat anglers are reporting catch figures of 30 or more fish.  Charlie Watts took 30 to the boat.  David Brady took 19 fish all with straight line buzzer tactics.  The Lockie Party – a group of 6 anglers on a holiday package had a fantastic day on Friday fishing buzzer and lures.  The group took 213 fish between them for a road average of 35.5 per anglers.


Competition news

Troutmasters Fish Off

Fished on Saturday 23 April and won by Anthony Lorrimer who will represent Ravensthorpe in the final at Grafham Water in September.

East Midlands Trout Fishers Association

Pairs match fished on 24 April
21 anglers fished this match for a rod average of 7.5.

1st      Dave Davis & John Sears          23 fish

2nd     Bob and Roger                          22 fish

3rd      Chris McCloud & Bob Aves        21 fish

Best Rainbow                            12lb taken by Mr Kyte


Best boat areas                         Coton End, Domes.

Best bank areas                         Dam, most platforms.

Best methods                           See report.


Mid week boat winner              Kevin Daykin of Hollowell.