As the new river fishing season gets under way, the Pike Anglers Club is calling for people to fish responsibly for Britain‘s top predator.


“Pike are easily damaged by poor handling at any time but at this time of the year there is an added risk when oxygen levels in the water are low,” said PAC chairman Colin Goodge.


“For this reason many of our members choose not to fish for pike in summer but we also recognise there are anglers who do, particularly with lures.


“We would appeal to anyone to think carefully before they go out: Is my tackle strong enough to land a fish quickly, especially in weedy water..?


“Do I have the right tools to hand to unhook a pike quickly to minimise the amount of time it spends out of the water..?


“And extra care should exercised when bait fishing, with good bite indication and prompt striking the keys to avoiding deep-hooked fish.


“This is particularly important for those who may choose to pursue other species, such as zander, over the warmer months, on waters which also contain pike.”


The PAC is urging all predator anglers to follow its code of conduct, which can be viewed at