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Last week 49 rods caught 149 fish for an average of 3.04.
It was a mixed week with ice at the beginning and gale force winds at the end ensuring that rod numbers were down. 

Despite the conditions the fishing has been in reasonable form and the best fish of the week was a 7lb+ rainbow caught by Dave Philpott of Kenilworth who used a pink Bloodworm pattern on a floating line to tempt it.  Dave Bratby of Birmingham fished catch and release from the bank of Cocks Close and caught nine fish to 6lb on a small black Pea Head Lure fished on an intermediate line.  Ray Inman of Birmingham fished from a boat on Cocks Close and caught seven including fish of 5lb 8oz, 5lb and 4lb 9oz and these all came to a Damsel Nymph fished on a floating line.

On the Hall Pool, Dave Bevan of Birmingham caught seven fish to 4lb on Cats Whiskers and Diawl Bach.  Alan Bowen of Birmingham caught two fish and released a further six whilst fishing from a boat on Great Pool with black and white Lures the successful flies.

Top patterns are Cats Whisker, black Tadpole, white Fritz, Montana Nymph, Damsel Nymph and Bloodworm varieties.

Best areas have been the road bank and old boat jetty corner on Cocks Close.  On the Great Pool a lot of fish are being caught around the boat jetty or down the shallows on the jetty side of the pool.  The Hall Pool is fishing well just out from the boat jetty and down at the dam wall end.

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