Last week 84 rods caught 174 fish for an average of 2.07.             The biggest fish of the week was an 8lb 4oz rainbow caught from a boat on Cocks Close by Mr A Wickett of Birmingham who took it on a white and green Lure along with three other rainbows.  Alan Bowen of Birmingham took a 6lb rainbow from a boat on the Park Meadow pool and this came to a small black Nymph fished on a floating line.  Mark Morton of Birmingham fished a Gold Head Damsel from a boat on Cocks Close and caught eight fish to 3lb. 
On the Great Pool, Arthur Topp of Stretton caught four fish to 4lb on a small grey Wolfe fished on the top.
Cocks Close is definitely fishing better from the boats with the anglers able to fish around the weed beds easier.  The best areas have been on the far side of the middle willows and along the wires bank.  On the Great Pool, the dam wall area is best and the deeper water in the middle is best on Park Meadow.
The top patterns have been Pheasant Tail, black Dries, Damsel Nymph, Diawl Bach, Bloodworm and green or red Buzzers with floating lines the best approach.   Contact the Fishery on 01676 522754 or check out our website on