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Last week there were 55 rods who caught 170 fish for an average of 3.10.

The Day Ticket water Cocks Close re-opened for business on Saturday and it fished very well over the weekend.  A lot of fish were caught around the lodge end of the pool but a few were taken from the bottom high bank corner as well.

The best fish was an 8lb 2oz rainbow caught by Nick Moore of Coventry who was fishing from a boat on Cocks Close and he took it on a Damsel Nymph on a floating line.  Alex Twaites of Coventy caught five and returned a further four from a boat on Cocks Close with his best weighing in at just over 6lb and these also fell to a Damsel Nymph.  Local rod Dave Evans used two tickets to catch ten fish to 5lb on a small white and green Lure whilst fishing from a boat on Cocks Close.  Alex Kerr of Nuneaton fished the bank of Cocks Close and caught eight fish to 5lb 6oz with Damsel again the successful patern.

On the members’ water Park Meadow, Tom Smith of Meriden caught four on small black dries fished on the top and included fish to 4lb.

Lures or big Damsels pulled on intermediate lines or floating lines have accounted for most of the fish caught but a few were taken on small dries such as Hoppers or Emergers as well.

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