Ireland’s River Finn has produced its biggest ever salmon in the shape of this 33lb 8oz fish to Patsy McHugh.
Patsy was salmon fishing on the Foyle system river at Lifford Bridge, using the bubble and a Green Highlander fly, and initially thought he’s hooked a fish of about 15lb.

After playing the salmon for a little longer and getting a glimpse of what was on his line he realised he was into the fish of a lifetime.

The fish, which is the Central Fisheries Board’s Irish ‘Catch Of the Week’ was weighed on certified scales and was measured at 42.5 inches.

It’s believed to be the biggest recorded salmon caught by an angler anywhere on the Foyle system.

Patsy McHugh’s 33lb 8oz River Finn salmon is thought to be the biggest ever salmon landed on the River Foyle system.