With a large amount of money and a bundle of section and top three place prizes up for grabs in the final of the Barston Masters sponsored by Greys and Bagem Matchbaits; the 71 anglers who had qualified for the inaugural final of the Barston Masters were really looking forward to a good day at the Solihull venue.

Pemb Wighting From Bag ‘em Baits caught from the start on peg 16, fishing the Method at 70 yards using Bag ‘ems Commercial Carp groundbait mix.

Pemb started off on boilie hook bait, but found that the carp were more willing to take dead maggot.

And with his first carp going over 12lb he stuck to his guns and proceeded to catch mainly carp with the odd skimmer and F1 throughout the day for a 72lb winning bag worth won £1000; a heap of prizes from Greys superb Prodigy Range and £100 worth of Bag ‘em Baits products.

Nigel Harry supplied the superb Barston Masters trophy.

Second on the day was Total-Fishing.com stalwart Gaz Wood. Gaz put in a superb performance from peg 23 on the Method feeder, putting 69lb of quality carp on the scales.

Gaz, who picked up £500 in cash; a heap of Greys Prodigy prizes and £75 worth of Bag ‘em products has fished a superb series of matches. He has either framed or picked up his section in every match!

Third on the day was Mike Risby. Mike was on the next peg to Gaz Wood and a peg to peg battle was on between the two. Mike also caught on the Method feeder at range and weighed 62lb, winning £285 in cash, Greys Prodigy tackle and £50 worth of Bag ‘em Products.

Each section winner (listed below) picked up £40 in cash and a goodie bag worth £70, made up of Greys Prodigy and Bag ‘em product.Organiser Lee Taylor would like to offer his thanks to Paul Law and Dave Kightley (AKA ‘Wheely Crap Angler’ for sorting the Barston Masters website and keeping us all updated; to Keith Taylor (AKA ‘Crusty’) for coming up to each round of the Barston masters and taking photos of the day; and of course Barston Lakes’ owner Nigel Harrhy, Tony and his team of staff for looking after the anglers over the last six matches – supplying superb facilities and some great fishing!

And Total-Fishing would like to add its heartfelt thanks to Lee for running with this great event and making it such a success.

Barston Masters Final 2011 Sections

A – Andy Topplis – 25lb 12oz – Peg 10
B – Pemb Wighting – 72lb – Peg 16 (BARSTON MASTERS WINNER)
C – Gaz Wood – 69lb – Peg 23 ( secound place)
D – Gregg Norriss – 32lb 8 oz – Peg 28
E – Wayne Mellings – 29lb – Peg 41
F – Rob Wootten – 44lb 4oz – Peg 44
G – Pete Caton – 42lb – Peg 51
H – Andy Fullylove – 40lb – Peg 63
I – Dave Swain – 57lb – Peg 72
J – Matt Smith – 42lb 10 oz – Peg 83
K – Ron Byus – 15lb 10 Oz – Peg 96
L – Steve Cook – 25lb 6 oz – Peg 97
M – cancelled section
N – Dan Tresign – 12lb 4oz – Peg 109
O – Billy Harris – 34lb 12oz – Peg 117
P – Chris Harrison – 55lb 8 oz – Peg 123