A year has quickly rolled by and it was time for the second annual Pete Pell Cancer Care Charity Match.

The match is dedicated to the memory of my father Pete, who sadly died of cancer in 2007; a way of us match anglers and tackle companies putting something back from the sport we love and enjoy.

The match took place at the Banks Fishery near Barby, with all the money raised going to ‘Marie Curie Nurses’ who helped my dad through his final days.

Richard and Jane Bubb had again looked after me by charging me a small amount for peg fees on their fishery, which meant even more money going in to the charity pot.
The match was a sell-out at 50 pegs and lots of anglers had made an effort to gain sponsorship from family and friends.
Big Mel Hodgson had worked wonders to raise an enormous £330 of sponsorship and he fully deserved the prize he won for the biggest amount raised.

Sam Cortese raised £170 to take the second prize for fundraising, and there were also plenty of other £100-plus donations raised by sponsorship, so a big thank you and well done to everyone who made the effort to support the match and raise so much money.
I was also totally amazed by the support I got from the angling trade and the friends I have in it.

Daiwa and Preston Innovations went out of their way to send me some amazing gear I could use in my raffle, as did my mate Phil Ringer, who donated two boxes of his new pellets. I’d also like to mention Pete and Steve Randle of Sensas, Waterline, Middy, GOT Baits, Will Freeman, Mick Wilkinson, Match Fishing Magazine, Advanced Pole Fishing Magazine (both of DHP Ltd), Garbolino, Guru, Dinsmore, Maver (Rob Lincoln), and of course my boss Julie at Chiltern Bait, who all donated quality gear to be raffled off for the charity.

With all the above put together we raised a massive £2670, which will now go directly to MARIE CURIE NURSES, who do so much to help people with terminal cancer and the families who are affected.
The match itself fished fairly hard in areas mainly due to lots of cold rain on the Saturday evening, plus a change to low pressure from weeks of high pressure.

There were still some good weights though, and Steve Bull (Chiltern Baits) won the match with 63-13-0 of carp on the pole and pellet from peg 36.

Ryan Harris (Chiltern Baits) was runner-up with 55-15-0 from peg 49. Mark Moody (Spro) took third with 45-4-0 from peg 46. Mark Griffiths (Ringers Baits) filled the frame with 41-14-0 from peg 48.

One again I would like to thank everyone who supported this event including my mum and brother who put in time and effort to get things
Andy Pell