Phil Ringer won the 2013 Barston Bowl and the £1,000 first prize with an impressive win thanks to a 160lb bag of carp taken on the Method from peg 20 at Solihull’s Barston Lakes Fishery.

Phil added his name to the trophy his father Geoff has also won. In fact the Barston Bowl is becoming something of a family affair. Danny Ashington and his dad ‘Snowy’ Ashington have their names on the prestigious silver bowl, as do brothers Mick and Tim Bull!

Phil fished 65 yards with his own Ringers groundbait using boilies on the hook, taking carp to mid doubles from the off. Tim Bull and Andy Findlay were pegged in the ‘teens’ on 14 and 15, and took fish off each other, both weighing over a ton. 

Barston Bowl 2013 Result

1 Phil Ringer, 160-0-0, peg 20, the method and boilies; 2 Andy Findlay, 140-10-0; peg 15; 3 Tim Bull, 102-0-0; peg 14.

Other notables: Neil Russell 98lb; Greg Norris 84.6lb; Suzi Smith 81.8lb; Steve Daly 64.12lb; Tommy Pickering 58.8lb; ‘Snowy’ Ashington 48.8lb.

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