Midlands pike anglers are ‘shocked and dismayed’ at Bob Nudd’s call for a pike cull on the Warwickshire Avon.

Writing in the News of the World on Sunday, the former World Champion matchman said:

“There are too many pike in our rivers and they need culling. On my last visit to the Warwickshire Avon, the moment I started catching a few roach every other one was snatched as I brought it to the landing net.”

But PAC Midlands liaison officer Mick Bowen, who fishes the river with many other PAC members said: “West Midlands PAC members are shocked by Bob Nudd’s comments based on his occasional visits to the Avon.

“Those who regularly fish the river have seen a change from attitude that all predators need culling and an anti-pike stance amongst the local match and pleasure angling fraternity, to one where a degree of common sense and co-operation exists.

“At a time when angling needs harmony between its various factions we find Bob Nudd’s remarks very disappointing and call on all match anglers to see the bigger picture where predator and prey will find a natural balance if left to nature. Local predator anglers do not wish to see a return to a time when predators were thrown up the bank.”

The PAC is urging him to retract his comments.