Plastics And Jellies

It’s a modern world, so we’d better look at a selection of new-world lures, including lead-loaded rubber imitations and soft plastic grubs.

Storm Thundercore Squirter
This little beauty has been described as “brilliant” by tcf editor Gareth Purnell. Its downward pointing vein tells you immediately that it’s for shallow water work. It has a thin rubber tail that wobbles as you retrieve, and to add to its predator pulling power it rattles as it moves.
Storm Wildeye Freshwater
These mini freshwater species imitations are designed to be fished using a sink and draw-style retrieve. They are armed with a large treble that sits below the internal lead weight and a big single hook that sits well above the top. The shape of the tail adds to the lifelike action as the lure travels through the water.
Daiwa Sonic Shad
This classic shad design has a single, large hook protruding from its back. This allows the angler to slowly work the lure along the bottom of a venue without it snagging on weeds or detritus, making it resemble a small fish feeding.
Storm Kicking Segmented Minnow
One for shallower water, this has a downward-pointing vein that draws it upward on the retrieve. The lightly weighted lure has a very thin body with a segmented rear section that imitates the actions of a swimming fish while the holographic internal mesh adds a silver, fish-like glint as it moves.
Interex Maxi-Flex Sand Eel
Jig fishing is far more popular in the United States than in the UK, but the eel-like action of these lures when fished using either a sink and draw method or jerking tactic can result in explosive takes from pike, zander and perch.
Mann’s Hard Nose Jelly
Loaded with salt that helps in fish attraction, these small jelly grubs with curled tails require a large hook to allow the angler to fish it shallow using a simple retrieve. To sink the lure deeper, add a split shot on the line above the hook eye. This allows the jelly to be fished using the sink and draw method – the tail will wiggle like mad!
Berkley Gulp Shaky Shad (smelt)
These soft plastic lures are impregnated with scents and flavours. They have been a great success in the United States and are now available in the UK. Unweighted, they need a big, heavy, wide-gape hook to make them sink, but as you draw the fish-like lure through the water, not only does it look like the real thing but it gives off a flavour trail to entice predators to strike.