Bread is very visual bait in clear water, and is also very easy for the fish to suck in and digest, making it first-class bait in winter when the colour drops out of many commercial fisheries as fish activity slows.

As it’s full of air, you don’t need to use anything to help it pop-up, as long as the hook’s not too heavy.

For this test we used a size 12 B911 eyed hook. As long as it’s secured properly to the hook or hair, it will stay on for ages.

Step 1
Punch a couple of discs out of a thick-sliced white loaf. We like the Seymo Lunch Punches.
Step 2
Korum Quickstops are ideal. Push the baiting needle into the Quickstop.
Step 3
Push the Quickstop through the middle of the bread discs.
Step 4
Pull the Quickstop out of the needle, lay it flat against the bread and push the baits up to it.
Step 5
This is a buoyant bait and it requires a BB shot to hold it down.