Coventry angling club Potters Green AC is on the lookout for more members in order for it to survive. The outfit was formed in the 1980s and used to get 30-plus fishing its events, but has seen membership dwindle and needs new blood to give it fresh impetus.

Potters Green AC runs 12 matches a year from May to October on venues in the area such as Makins, Tunnel Barn Farm, Packington Somers, Mill on the Soar and Blythe Waters, plus the occasional river and canal match in the winter. 
“We have a wide range of people as members from about 20 years old to 65 years old and it’s a very friendly club,” says the club’s David West. “It’s a club that suits anglers that don’t take it too seriously or want to start out in match fishing.”
Membership is £60 for the whole year, with pools only £4 for the match, and members sometimes meet in the Potters Green club to the north east of Coventry on Thursday