Running or owning a Premier Fishery is much more than providing a fantastic venue for anglers to catch prime fish all day long complete with first class facilities.

Every member of Premier Fisheries UK is aware that we live in an ever-changing environment and all our fisheries have obligations to protect it for future generations, so the group has readily decided to join the ACA en block this year, looking to defend our sport of angling and state our commitment to the cause.

Vice Chairman of Premier Fisheries UK, Roy Marlow, said:
“We all have a duty which is more than a moral obligation to protect our fragile environment. As fishery owners we all rely on a plentiful supply of good clean water. This recourse that we all take so much for granted is under a continuous threat from every conceivable area but together Premier Fisheries UK believe we can make the difference.”

Premier Fisheries UK members have joined the ACA and made an additional donation plus a commitment to support, wherever possible, any initiatives that the ACA may come forward with and firmly believe that this is the way forward to protect our fisheries and angling as a whole.

Mark Lloyd, Executive Director of the ACA, is in a buoyant mood at the chance of welcoming Premier Fisheries UK on board, saying: “The ACA is delighted that Premier Fisheries UK have joined the ACA and will now benefit from the unique protection the ACA offers for fighting pollution, fish disease and anything else which harms the fisheries we all love fishing. We are particularly grateful that they have chosen to make a donation on top of their annual subscription to reflect their support for our work. Any other fisheries wishing to join the ACA should contact us on 01568 620447 or visit our website at: to find out more about our work.”

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