Pure Fishing have jointly sponsored this fabulous event with CEMEX, securing prizes of no less than £22,500, in what will prove to be the ‘PREMIER’ attraction of 2007.

After a series of qualifiers at Premier Fisheries across the country (dates & venues listed below), and subject to a sell out, the finalists competing at Mallory Park Fisheries on September 15th, will be fighting it out for cash prizes totalling £15,000, including the overall winner’s prize of almost £6,000.

Anglers can enter as many qualifiers as they wish subject to available places … but get in quick as tickets are red-hot cookies!

Dates and Venues

Bradshaw Hall Fisheries: Sunday 15th July
                                            Sunday 22nd July
                                            Sunday 5th August
                                            Sunday 19th August

British Waterways Makins: Sunday 17th June
                                                Saturday 30th June
                                                Saturday 21st July
                                                Sunday 12th August

Browning Cudmore Fisheries: Saturday 4th August
                                                     Sunday 26th August

Browning Tingrith Fishery: Thursday 7th June
                                                Thursday 21st June
                                                Thursday 5th July
                                                Thursday 19th July

Bury Hill Fisheries: Wednesday 20th June
                                   Wednesday 18th July
                                   Wednesday 1st August
                                   Wednesday 5th September

Celtic Lakes Resort: Saturday 14th July
                                    Saturday 4th August

Dents of Hilgay: Saturday 30th June
                             Saturday 14th July
                             Saturday 28th July
                             Saturday 11th August

Docklow Pools: Saturday 4th August
                           Saturday 25th August

Llyn Y Gors: Saturday 28th July
                        Saturday 11th August

Mallory Park Fisheries: Sunday 24th June
                                          Sunday 22nd July

Oham Lakes: Sunday 8th July
                        Wednesday 18th July
                        Saturday 11th August
                        Wednesday 22nd August

White Acres: Monday 30th July
                       Friday 3rd August
                       Friday 10th August

Woodland Lakes: Saturday 21st July
                               Saturday 18th August

Wylands International Angling Centre: Sunday 17th June
                                                                    Sunday 24th June

For further details please visit: http://www.premierfisheries.co.uk

Roy Marlow, host of the Grand Final at Mallory Park Fisheries, can be contacted on tel: 0116 277 4131/mobile: 07711 711650 or e-mail: roy@malloryparkfisheries.co.uk