ROVING Surrey angler Graeme Pullen has led a party which boated three world records in five days while fishing just 800 metres off a popular beach in the Canary Islands.
Biggest of all was a monster 1200lb six gillled shark, and despite the proximity to the coast, the anglers were fishing in some 500 metres of water, using 3lb leads to get the 20lb tuna fish baits down.
Graeme, who landed six gills to 1100lb, confirmed that the existing world record for the species stands at 1069lb but added that six gills can reach five metres in length and grow to 3000lb. The UK and Ireland record stands at just 154lb.
As well as the two sharks over the record, the party, which included Graeme’s 12-year-old lad, also boated a species called an escolar at a potential world record of 88lb. The current record is 62lb 13oz.