The record breaking Great Ouse barbel has been found dead. The fish had been caught four times in the last season and an examination is to take place to try and find out if the fish died of old age, low oxygen levels or angler pressure.
The Adam’s Mill fish has been caught four times this season and was expected to break the record again at a weight of over 20lb if caught this winter. It weighed 19lb 8oz when found dead in the margins of the famous stretch last week.
Concern had been expressed earlier this season when a strange growth appeared on its chin, with some experts saying it could no longer handle the constant angler pressure it has been subjected to over the last few seasons.
Controversy dogged the stretch at the start of this year. Previously fishable on the Milton Keynes AA book, the stretch was changed to a 40-man syndicate only water, with each syndicate member paying £250 per season.,