SOME of the top specialists in the Midlands have seen a roach they consider to be ‘way over’ the long standing British record of 4lb 3oz.

The monster fish, which is thought to be approaching 5lb, is not a resident of the much talked about Linch Hill Fishery in Oxfordshire.

Instead the fish has been spotted in the clear water of the Great Ouse, a venue more noted for its massive barbel and chub.

The fish is living in the Adam’s Mill stretch controlled by Milton Keynes AA but as of this year open only to a relatively small syndicate of anglers.

One angler who has seen and watched the potentially historic specimen is Northants Specimen Group’s Bob Church, who told Midland Angler:

“When I first heard about the sighting of the fish I had my doubts so I went down to see if I could locate it. The water was very clear and I was able to find it relatively quickly.

“At first my initial reaction was ‘that has got to be a chub’. But I was able to watch it for a long time and I am 100 per cent sure that it’s an enormous roach. I am also 100 per cent sure it’s considerably over the British record. You would simply not believe the proportions of the fish.”


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