Redditch is the spiritual home of British fishing tackle manufacture and the town hosts the National Vintage Tackle Fair at the Kingsley Sports Centre on Sunday May 20th.

Tackle made by local firms like Allcock, Milward, JW Young, Albert Smith, Rudge’s, Aspindale and Sealeys will be celebrated at the fair, along with that from famous manufacturers such as Hardy, Cummins, Westley Richards, Mitchell, DAM and Farlows. There will be over 40 exhibitors at the show and in addition to tackle and books for sale there are also a number of contemporary reel and rod makers represented including The Mill Tackle Company, run by former Youngs Production Manager Garry Mills of Redditch. Members of the public may also have fishing tackle valued for sale or insurance purposes by the sponsor of the fair, Neil Freeman of Angling Auctions. Fishing TV hopes to attend the show, which opens at 9am and costs only £2 to enter. For more information email .