Woodland Lakes Fishery at Thirsk, North Yorkshire welcomed anglers from across the country for this, the penultimate Fish ‘O’ Mania qualifier of 2014. 

It was this venues first time with the new larger 150 peg format and was still fished across the 5 normal match lakes as used over previous years.  It was felt by some that as all the corner pegs were back in it could throw up some interesting possibilities, so as the competitors started to draw, a lot of interest was shown to see who might draw these favoured pegs.

It was last year’s Fish ‘O’ Mania grand final winner Jamie Hughes who secured his place in yet another major final this year and the possibility of a back to back result.   Drawn on peg 6 on Skylark, Jamie fished pellet shallow to put together his winning weight of 133 lbs 7 oz with his biggest carp going to 12 lbs.

It was a very close run thing for second and third place,  with Dale Shepherd from Havercroft near Wakefield drawn on peg 18 also on Skylark, fished pellet shallow over a bed of pellet down to the boards for carp averaging 6 lbs to give him 96 lbs 5 oz total and second place.  It was Robert Morris a Builder from Bassingham in Lincolnshire who had to settle for the third spot, drawn on peg 18 on Partridge he put together an all carp haul with fish going to 16 lbs to finish his day with only 2 ozs separating him and second place to finish with 96 lbs 3 oz.

Keith Pentland a regular Woodlands angler draw peg 15 on Partridge took the fourth place with carp to 12 lbs to give him 83 lbs 10 oz of carp to worm over hemp total.  Fifth spot went to Carl Henrick his 80 lbs 14oz from peg 30 on Kestrel on pellet alternating between banded pellet on the bomb   and pole with pellet shallow down the margins.

The last Fish ‘O’ Mania qualifier of 2014 will take place on Wednesday 25th June at Garbolino Lindholme Lakes, Doncaster with a last place up for grabs into the grand final.