4th June 2011-Thurns Coronation-Folly
Despite poor weather conditions the winner fished using maggot
Position Peg No. Name Catch
1st 20 B Murray 33lb 12oz  
2nd 26 M Cunfuffd 29lb 12oz  
3rd 23 P White 28lb 6oz  
4th 32 P Bradley 25lb 4oz  

1st June 2011-Risby Whizzo Open match-Folly
The winner fished pellet up in the water for this 3 hour match
Position Peg No. Name Catch
1st 26 Harry 60lb 0oz  
2nd 30 John Higgins 50lb 0oz  
3rd 14 Mick Brown 34lb 12oz  

22nd May 2011-Kerrs of Osset-Folly
The winner fished pellet up in the water to catch mainly carp
Position Peg No. Name Catch
1st 25 D Clamp 63lb 4oz  
2nd 27 C Thomson 56lb 8oz  
3rd 15 W Ibbotson 28lb 12oz  
4th 17 T Perkins 26lb 8oz