Contrary to rumours which seem to be spreading far and wide, Risby Park Fishing Ponds has not been sold or exchanged hands nor is it likely within the next 20 years! 

It has not closed and despite the sharp drop in temperature a good result was produced on the Folly lake open match on Saturday, 23rd October with the first four places as follows:-
1st Roger Edmond    Peg 32    84lb 04oz
2nd Neil Robinson    Peg 26    54lb
3rd  Harry Bignall     Peg 10    44lb
4th Rich Wiley          Peg 16    40lb
Roger fished 15m on pole with corn on deck over micro pellets to catch ghost carp to 8lb, a 14lb mirror and carp for the rest of the bag. 
Fishing a totally different method of worm and caster brought Robbo the second position.
Open matches take place every Saturday with space for a few more anglers.  Either contact Anthony at the fishery (see or ring match organiser Robbo direct on 07834 275278 to book a place.
Anthony Clappison