‘Hemp Head’ and Leicester Sensas man, Pete Jayes, has got his lobworms in a twist this month … painful! Some big chub play with the trees on the far bank at Milton Ferry, but when there is a touch of pace and colour on the river, they will venture out from their sanctuary. Straight lead or chopped worm feeder is the method but pick out the biggest worm in the bait box and don’t be frightened to use both a big hook and extra strong line … you’ll need both. Stibbington Bridge holds some huge ‘stripeys’ and all you need to do to find them is fish anywhere on permanent boat moorings because they won’t be far away, and with individual fish over 3lb on offer, it will pay anglers to take Pete’s advice. Ring Nick Edwards at NE Bait Supplies (tel: 0116 277 999/mobile: 07816 317292) for top quality worms supplied by a top quality angler. But what about hemp and roach Pete? The River Nene he says! Former Leicester Likely Lad, Graham Barry, at Match Catch in Syston, Leicestershire (tel: 0116 260 0850) has been plundering the redfin shoals on the ‘Iron Bridge’ stretch between Elton and Nassington but you will need a Leicester Amal book to fish and caster, not hemp, is the bait. Elton Village and Fotheringhay, opposite the church, is day ticket though, and the seed works wonders here if the river holds a tinge of colour. Take a spinning rod with you for bonus sport as pike are aplenty here, as they are throughout the Nene, and use a really big spinner such as a Rapala. Shelton’s of Peterborough boast a terrific array of lures and the shop is well worth a visit (tel: 01733 565287).