Evesham match ace, Brian Bennett, (and now River Severn bagger!) can’t get away from ‘The Theatre’ length at this time of year, as this stretch is stacked-up with quality roach, and while Brian recommends plenty of tumeric covered maggots fished under either stick float or waggler, I find myself leaning towards breadpunch and liquidized feed due to the number of swans and the amount of bread that gets aimed at them. However, the ‘Poet Laureate’ catches more than me … so I think I’d better shut up! But, Brian tells me that the first 3 pegs, nearest the boathouse, is where you do ‘use your loaf’, as some big bream around the 6 & 7lb mark live there alongside the roach, so get an open-end feeder out and chuck across with flake on the hook. (I was right, it’s where they feed the swans!). Call into Stuart’s Angling in Stratford (tel: 01789 293950) as they sell excellent bait and know the river inside out. Common Lane in Evesham offers a choice for you roach hunters as stick, pole or waggler will all catch quality fish to over a pound using bronze maggots … of course. Don’t get tangled-up with the pike population though as they are big so-and-so’s, and won’t get them out, unless you are using ‘treble maggot’! Pegs 8/9 & 10 hold big bream over 7lb and you simply lob a feeder out just past halfway. Maggot feeder if the river is running low and open-end packed with casters if it holds any colour.