Richard at Shelton’s of Peterborough (tel: 01733 565287) loves his lures in winter, especially Rapala and Ondex, so take the hint and spend some time casting and retrieving on the Nene this winter. But where and for what? Pike, perch and chub downstream of Milton Ferry Bridge, known as ‘The Jungle’, because you are guaranteed some decent sport. The Castor backwater, off the weir, is a brilliant ‘frosty prospect’ as well, but I’ll let into a little secret … take a bucket of mashed stale bread with you and some bronze maggots if it’s chub on your menu. Don’t be boring and sit there with a leger rod, get a float trotting through, keep the feed going in, and cash-in. The ‘Master of the Black Maggot’ Pete Jayes sends us to Alwalton for some prime, pristine roach fishing on the seed, a venue virtually unfished due to the involvement of a walk upstream above the lock. Pole for presentation, waggler for enjoyment but less bites, and you’ll need a whole half-a-pint of hemp to keep the roach to 12oz aware along with the odd chub. Change bait is another grain of hemp! Swims nearest the old railway bridge at Stibbington are home to some big perch, and pole with strong elastic is the order of the day, as is chopped lobworms deposited on the deck via a bait-dropper and either a whole, juicy worm on the hook or a large piece exuding juices. Ring Nick Edwards at NE Bait Supplies (tel: 0116 277 9999/mobile: 07816 317292) for top quality worms supplied by a top quality angler. Oh, I almost forgot; you’ll catch roach on the hemp too at Stibbington!

Midland Angler