Dave Harrell is looking for some much needed extra rain for the Severn’s fish population to switch on big time and spread out more throughout the popular reaches but in the meantime look for fast flowing water and plenty of cover and you’ll find plenty of eager finned feeding machines. The Winterdyne section in Bewdley has some key areas with shallow gravel-bottomed runs, full of barbel and chub that respond to both float and feeder tactics. Pegs 100 to 113 are the places to be and season permits, covering a lot of water, cost £21 available from local Severn tackle shops, especially Mal Story’s at Kidderminster (tel: 01562 745221), where you’ll find top quality bait and tackle plus oodles of up-to-date info. The Dowles reach above Bewdley town, swims 66 to 71, are home to some tasty barbel going into double figures, and a 10lb plus fish could easily crop up in nets of 50lb or more. Hampton Lode is another great spot worth trying for both chub and barbel on float and feeder. Maggot and caster the key in clear water conditions on all stretches but when some colour finally arrives, feed mini pellets with hemp and caster, and hair-rig a much larger pellet – Halibut is a nice smelly one. To get the best out of the Severn in September, fish early morning and afternoon/evening sessions according to ‘Harry’ … and he should know.